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Customized Couch for Teddy Bear Figurines Personalized Free

Bears in Couch

Best Bear Bunch, aka Bears in Chairs, Bears Etc., is an original and exclusive customized gift idea, born as Bear Family Sofa in Miramar Florida in 1988. It offers FREE personalizing, totally free of charge. Designed to hold your creation, this couch features the following:

  • The couch is handmade of solid resin, hand painted, 8x4" over 4 pounds. It lasts over 17 years. It comes in a muted neutral beige color. A special color can be painted at request.
  • You can select up to 11 teddy bear figurines that are handmade solid too. The teddy bears come with different styles, sizes, genders and designs you can use to represent the various members of a family, work team, class, club, any bunch so you can give a bear hug to anyone you like.
  • You can arrange your bears on the couch the way you like.
  • You can add a FREE name for each bear and a FREE gift message on the couch front such as Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary. Your bear bunch is a beary personal and meaningful gift for any occasion or holiday.
  • For extra personal touch, you can give each of your bears a personifying accessory like a football, flower bouquet, ipad...
  • Bear Bunching is beary intuitive and easy, simply imitating the hot bear designs or the recent creations from our customers.
Create your unique gift and personalize it the way you like. It'll be totally your own creation, customized to your specification, truly one-of-a-kind. Guaranteed: nothing is like a Bear Bunch and no two bear bunches are alike in the entire world! Free personalizing, custom creation and personifying accessories separate us from other personalized gift ideas. Best Bear Bunch, the best keepsake!

Bunch Your Bears Now with Our Craftsmanship since 1988! Enjoy Free Personalization and Free Shipping or Other Specials.

Best Bear Bunch, Customized Gifts Personalized Free since 1988.
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