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Free Personalization, Customized Gifts with Free Personalized Names and Saying

Free Personalization Customized Best Bear Bunch stands out of many unique gifts thanks to our free special hand written personalization, a signature craftsmanship we developed over 25 years.
  • Free personalizing includes the bear names and gift message.
  • It's hand written by artists who need to practice for 3 months or longer. The writing tools are our own special permanent markers and brushes, without any machine or stencil involved or allowed. Our personalizing is more unique than a computerized engraving.
  • Our own font is used: the crafty styled fatty letters and cool dots. The one-of-a-kind font adds the unique accent to the unique creations.
  • Artistic consistency is assured for the lettering sizes, spacing, alignment and dotting. While the letters and dots may be up and down, fat and slim, they never touch each other or separate far away, adding a collective charm.
  • All letters are in upper case.
  • All names are written next to the bears on chair or plaque and should be seen well from the front.
  • It's in black. Other colors may apply such as white on red hearts.
Best Bear Bunch is a truly original gift and art and one-of-Kind keepsake without two creations alike.

Best Bear Bunch, Customized Gifts Personalized Free since 1988.
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