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Medium Bear Bunch, Customized Gifts for Family of 7 to 12 People Personalized Free

Medium Bear Bunch for 7 to 12 PeopleBest Bear Bunch, a custom gift idea for any bunch of people up to 42. You can simply select your bears and arrange them on a chair the way you like, along with the free names for each of the bears and personifying accessories. As always, the personalization is Free! Best Bear Bunch, a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake, perfect for any occasions or holidays, thanks to the unique customization and free personalization. Enjoy our over-26-years-old craftsmanship.

This collection is for 7-12 people, beary perfect gifts for any medium or big family in 1-4 generations or bunch of friends/coworkers up to 12. Now count how many people in your bunch and make a section below:

Best Bear Bunch, Customized Gifts Personalized Free since 1988.
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