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Angel Wings 2.25x1.75"
Baby Rattle Blue 1.5x0.75"
Baby Rattle Pink 1.5x0.75"
Baseball Cap 0.75x0.25"
Baseball Set 2.25x0.5"
Basketball 0.5x0.5"
Basketball Hat 0.75x0.25"
Beer Bud Lite 0.25x0.5"
Beverage Can 0.5x0.75"
Bible 0.75x1"
Bichon Frise 1.5x1"
Birthday Cake 1x0.75"
Book Opened 1.5x0.25"
Books Color Covered 0.5x0.75"
Bowling Set 0.5x0.5"
Bride's Veil 3x3.25"
Camera Set 0.5x0.25"
Candy Cane 0.5x1"
Cat 1x0.75"
Cell Phone 0.75x0.5"
Champagne Bottle 0.5x1.5"
Champagne Glass 0.25x0.5"
Chef's Hat 0.75x1.25"
Chips in Bag 1x1"
Christmas Lights 4x0.5"
Christmas Present 0.5x0.75"
Christmas Tree 0.75x1.5"
Christmas Wreath 1x0.25"
Coach Hat 0.75x0.25"
Cocker Spaniel 1.25x0.75"
Coffee Mug 0.75x0.25"
Comb Brush Mirror 0.75x0.5"
Cookie Jar 0.75x1"
Cookies Assorted 0.75x0.25"
Cookies Chocolate 0.75x0.25"
Credit Card 0.75x0.5"
Dalmatian 0.5x1"
Dental Set 0.75x0.5"
Dice 0.25x0.25"
Diploma 1.25x1"
Doctor's Bag 1x0.75"
Dog Laying 1.5x1"
Doll 0.75x1"
Dreidel 0.5x1"
Eye Chart 1.5x1.75"
Eye Glasses 0.75x1"
Fancy Candle 0.25x1.5"
Firehouse Dog 0.75x1"
Fireman's Hat 1.25x0.5"
First Aid Kit 0.75x0.5"
Flower Bouquet 1.25x0.75"
Football 0.75x0.5"
Football Hat 0.75x0.25"
German Shepherd 0.75x1"
Hair Dryer 0.75x0.5"
Hamburger and Fries 1x0.5"
Handbag 1x0.75"
Hockey Stick 2x0.5"
Hot Chocolate 0.75x0.25"
Ice Bottle in Bucket 1x1.25"
Ice Cream Cone 1x0.25"
Ipad 0.75x0.5"
Iphone 0.75x0.5"
Lap Top 0.75x0.75"
Magazine 1x1.5"
Money 0.75x0.75"
Newspaper 1.5x1"
Note Pad 0.75x1"
Nurse's Cap 1.75x1"
Nurses Thermometer 0.75x1"
Pen Holder Apple 0.75x1.25"
Pizza 1x0.25"
Playing Cards 0.75x0.75"
Policeman Cap 1.25x0.5"
Popcorn in Bowl 1x0.5"
Present Chanukah 1x1"
Present for All Blue 0.75x0.75"
Present for All Pink 0.75x0.75"
Present Holiday Green 0.75x0.5"
Present Holiday Red 0.75x0.5"
Present Valentines Red 0.75x0.75"
Present Valentines White 0.75x0.75"
Pug 1x0.75"
Remote Control 0.75x0.25"
Retriever 1x0.75"
Rose 1x0.5"
Santa Hat 1.25x0.5"
Schnauzer 1x1"
Sewing Threads 0.25x0.25"
Sheet Music 1x1.25"
Shih Tzu 1.25x0.75"
Shop Bag Born-2-Shop 1x1.5"
Soccer Ball 0.5x0.5"
Softball 0.5x0.5"
Springer Spaniel 2x0.75"
Stethoscope 2x0.75"
Tennis Racket 1.75x0.75"
Tool Set 1.5x0.25"
Wine Bottle 0.5x1.5"
Wine Glass 0.25x0.5"
Yorkshire Terrier 1.25x1"
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