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Home > Gifts by Occasion > Gifts for Teachers > Teacher Gifts from the Individual Students

Teacher Gifts from Students Bear Figurines Personalized Free

Teacher Gifts from the Individual StudentsPersonalized teacher appreciation gifts are offered in many different designs at Best Bear Bunch. All teacher gift ideas from Best Bear Best are great gifts for teachers, class mom, principals of any preschool, kindergartens, grade schools and colleges. All teacher gifts from students come with the free name, or a special number or date. All are solid handmade and hand painted.

Paperweight for My Teacher
Card Holder for My Teacher
Teacher on Books Bear Figurine
Teacher Bear Magnet
Teacher Bear Ornament
Teacher on Plaque Bear Figurine
Thanks a Bunch Bear Magnet
Ballerina Bear Figurine

Elephent Figurine
Elephant Hearty Figurine
Pig Couple Figurine
G.I. Bear Figurine
Stocking Blue Bear Ornament
Stocking Pink Bear Ornament
Stocking Red Bear Ornament
Standing Angel Bear Ornament
Flying Angel Bear Ornament
Santa's Present Bear Ornament
Santa Banner Bear Ornament
Four on Sled Bear Ornament
Candy Cane Bear Ornament
Christmas Ball Bear Ornament
Football Bear Figurine
Football Bear Magnet
Football Bear Ornament
Basketball Bear Magnet
Basketball Bear Ornament
Baseball Bear Magnet
Baseball Bear Ornament
Hockey Bear Figurine
Hockey Bear Magnet
Hockey Bear Ornament
Soccer Bear Figurine
Soccer Bear Magnet
Soccer Bear Ornament
Cheerleader Bear Figurine
Cheerleader Bear Magnet
Cheerleader Bear Ornament
Gymnast Bear Figurine
Gymnast Bear Magnet
Gymnast Bear Ornament
Karate Bear Magnet
Karate Bear Ornament
Golfer Bear Magnet
Golfer Bear Ornament
Tennis Bear Magnet
Tennis Bear Ornament
Bowler Bear Figurine
Bowler Bear Magnet
Bowler Bear Ornament
Coach Bear Magnet
Coach Bear Ornament
Motorcycle Bear Magnet
Motorcycle Bear Ornament
Jet Ski Bear Magnet
Jet Ski Bear Ornament
Jet Ski Couple Bear Magnet
Pilot Bear Magnet
Pilot Bear Ornament
Male Boss Bear Magnet
Male Boss Bear Ornament
Female Boss Bear Magnet
Female Boss Bear Ornament
Fireman Bear Figurine
Fireman Bear Magnet
Fireman Bear Ornament
Policeman Bear Magnet
Policeman Bear Ornament
Chiropractor Bear Magnet
Chiropractor Bear Ornament
Chef Bear Magnet
Chef Bear Ornament
Hairdresser Bear Magnet
Hairdresser Bear Ornament
Doctor Bear Figurine
Doctor Bear Magnet
Doctor Bear Ornament
Nurse Bear Magnet
Nurse Bear Ornament
Pharmacist Bear Magnet
Pharmacist Bear Ornament
Mailman Bear Magnet
Mailman Bear Ornament
Businesswoman Bear Magnet
Businesswoman Bear Ornament
Businessman Bear Magnet
Businessman Bear Ornament
Woman Bear Magnet
Woman Bear Ornament
Man Bear Magnet
Man Bear Ornament
Christmas Tree Ornament
1 Bear on Christmas Tree Ornament
2 Bears on Christmas Tree Ornament
3 Bears on Christmas Tree Ornament
Convertible Red Bear Figurine
Convertible White Bear Figurine
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